As a brand spanking new member of Team Dog, I am happy to congratulate my two pups on completing Level 2 Obedience class. Grady, the older one, completed Level 1 six weeks ago and Level 2 with Cookie today. Cookie, the baby, girl jumped in to level 2 (with the permission of our amazing trainer) and learned all of the level 1 and 2 commands in 6 weeks with the rest of the dogs. They both take the AKC Good Canine Citizen course next and hopefully can pass the test. I fully intend on taking them to an assisted living facility near my home, the one my grandfather was in at the end, to visit if they can pass the test. Even if they don’t pass the test, I am so proud of them. They love to learn their commands and hear “Good Boy!”/ “Good Girl!”. Thanks to all of the GT Team Dog members who have given me advice when I post and I will be getting their WONDERFUL trainer a small gift at the end of the next course. They love her so much. I secretly think she likes them best of all the dogs in the class. I saw her cuddling Cookie and kissing Grady, and who can blame her? Long story short, the pups are fitting in nicely and I am happily Team Cat AND Team Dog :)