I mentioned this on fur face Friday a couple weeks back, but my friend was fostering a Louisiana flood refugee and they found the owners who wouldn’t/couldn’t take her back annnnnnd...


I finally was able to adopt this little one! Well technically it’s a 7 day trial but she’s already spent a lot of time over here so I’m sure it will work out.

She seems to be a long-hair chihuahua mix of some kind. Sometimes she seems a little like a chiweenie in the way she moves, the rescue thought maybe she was part Pomeranian. Jury’s out. She is about 2 and weighs around 8 lbs. It looks like she has had puppies. Her nips are pretty huge (although that’s just my amateur opinion here).

She is very quiet and every noise she makes sounds like a squeak toy.

My friend who adopted her calls her “Crackers.” I’m not crazy about the name and am thinking about changing it. Before you ask what she seems to answer to, I’ll just tell you: literally anything. If she thinks you’re talking to her, she runs to you. I kind of want to name her Louise for some reason. I think I can envision myself yelling, “Lou-weeeeeeeze” out into the yard. Also she’s very tiny and kind of a shit-stirrer, which reminds me of our favorite Louise pictured below.


I am taking nominations for other names though. Yay!

ignore gash on my leg that I don’t know where it came from but came about 3 minutes before this photo was taken. did you know you can caption your photos??