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Everybody go crazy, cause Mars is at solar conjunction right now. This is also its apogee, or furthest distance from the Earth, as Barsoom is lying clear across the solar system. It's 2.43 AU away, Astronomical Units representing the distance from the Earth to the Sun.


Now, the red planet can begin its gradual reemergence into the evening sky, but it'll take a while. By mid April, 2014, Mars will be at opposition and its closest distance this cycle — a cozy .61 AU. Think of the viewing!

For any who may doubt the power of the stars, listen up. A former FWB, deeply mourned and greatly missed, contacted me out of the blue today. We're texting, and if that rotten bastard who ended a good thing by dating her seriously was still in the picture, she would have found a pretext to mention him by now. Mars is the planet of raw energy, action, and physical desire, so all y'all better get fired up and ready to jump on the hot loving that is pretty much guaranteed to enter your orbits.

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