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Conservative Friends: Stop Trying to Convince Me that Girl Scouts are Evil

So, for the past few years, Girl Scout cookie season means that some of my more conservative / libertarian friends post this on Facebook hoping to convince their friends not to buy Girl Scout cookies.


This year, and every year, my thoughts are as follows:

1) I wasn't aware that identifying as Catholic means that you can't be a feminist or pro-choice

2) Oh, no, won't somebody think of the children? They must not ever know about safer secks practices; otherwise, they might have teh secks!!!

3) I'm not a member of the gay-lesbian community, and I'm cheering that the GSUSA is being inclusive of trans women. Also, nice job oversimplifying gender identity.


4) Oh noes! Teh lesbians and liberals will turn our girls evil!

5) You already covered this in point #2, but again, if you think that your kids not learning about secks will keep them from having it, your head must be 50 feet deep in the sand.


To put it simply: These are problems because... why exactly? I've always thought the GSUSA's role was to help these girls find their voice and become strong and independent women, and I'll gladly support them with my donations and by buying cookies by the box-load.

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