Specifically, religious conservatives. So says this study, which I read about here. (Please let me know if this study is completely baseless, I didn't see anything way outta line in my skimming but I am not a psychologist or a sociologist!)

I like to try to give the "other side" of any debate the benefit of the doubt, and I'm always interested in how other people see the world, so this article really caught my attention. If it is true that we approach problems in a fundamentally different way, is it possible for us to ever agree on anything? Is it possible to even come to a compromise about some issues?

I know in my personal experience, the religious conservatives I've encountered (I'm from Kansas....so I'm somewhat of an expert, haha) tend toward hard and fast rules instead of looking at good/bad outcomes and considering the situation (i.e. using situational ethics). This especially reminds me of the people I encountered in high school who didn't understand how I could have morals since I was raised in a non-religious household. It's like they didn't understand that my parents could teach me how to be a good person without saying "And if you aren't, God will SMITE YOU!!!" It seems this is especially prevalent in the way that some people feel about abortion—no matter how many women are going to die, no matter how many fetuses with birth defects will be born only to live a few hours, we should never kill a person (in this case, fetus but anti-choice people feel that they're one in the same).

I kind of also feel like, in my snooty educated liberal way, that "deontologists," as they call them in the article, just lack critical thinking skills, buuut maybe that's just me? What do you guys think? Is there any benefit to having unbreakable or unbendable moral rules?

Annnd here's a gif for the trouble of reading this disjointed, possibly nonsensical ramblings!


Note: Let's stay away from bashing religious people, peeps... everybody's got their thing and we're all just riding this spaceship we call Earth by the seat of our pants, so we should all just give each other room to believe whatever we want to believe, as long as it doesn't infringe upon anyone else.