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Conservatives drop 2 Candidates over #peegate and harassing phone calls

It’s been a bit of a bizarre weekend up in the Great White North. First it was revealed that back in 2012 a CBC consumer affairs program caught a Jerry Bance on tape peeing in a mug in someone’s kitchen, pouring the urine down the drain, rinsing the mug, and putting it back, while doing an investigation in home repair companies. Somehow Jerry Vance seemed to think 3 years was enough time to live that down, and was running as a Consevative candidate in the federal election. He was wrong, and when it came to light, the Conservatives turfed him.

Then a blogger discovered that Consevative candidate Tim Dutuad has a YouTube channel under an alias were he posted videos of himself making harassing phone calls. Dutuad would call up strangers and make fake orgasm sounds.

Great job on the candidate vetting, there guys.


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