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Conservatives make me LOL

My favorite cousin posted this link to facebook this morning. Debating politics on his facebook wall is one of my favorite activities, and Beau Vierge enjoys it too. We tend to agree with half the stuff he posts and disagree with the other half. He also shares stuff on which he doesn't have an opinion, just to gather insights. (I do this too, when I don't know a topic well).

Note: This is my favorite cousin, without whom I might not have survived being an au pair in France with the world's most difficult boss. My favorite cousin and his wife also just sent me the most amazing wedding gift ever. Any comments on his character will be dismissed.

Naturally the original link is just an exaggerated critique of this column in the Harvard newspaper. Like I literally have no idea how you can read the actual column and then surmise that the liberal agenda is to eliminate the First Amendment.


This was my response.

1) I'm a libertarian, not a liberal, so I only share half the values of your intended reaction.
2) Obviously I support free speech. Free speech is awesome. It's one of the best parts of our country. The stuff our government is doing to restrict free speech terrifies me, like the FCC proposal to have government employees in all newsrooms.
3) Friendly reminder to everyone reading that free speech means the GOVERNMENT cannot restrict what you say.
4) Free speech includes the freedom to boycott. So Company A does racist shit, so Person B decides not to shop there. Person A says homophobic shit, so Person B calls them homophobic. Free speech includes criticism.
5) From my understanding of academic research and funding (anyone in academia, please correct me if I'm wrong), there's already limitations based on the priorities of whoever has the money and chooses who gets the money. So isn't that already a restriction on academic freedom? I mean, sure, research whatever you want, but that doesn't mean someone is going to pay you for it.
6) Are conservatives really that concerned about a college newspaper column, written by a college student? Is there nothing bigger to worry about?
7) All I'm getting from this article is the promotion of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech via boycott.

Aka conservatives make me laugh.

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