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Consumer Therapy

EDIT: Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! I'll post in a few days once I've done some thinking.

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Image notwithstanding, I'm looking for advice.

Since I cut booze/vices out of my life, I find myself with a surplus of cash flow, about a thousand dollars' worth. Since I've already shared with you all how shitty my life can be (look at the other two posts if you want, no need to beat a dead bipolar horse here), I'm looking for help on a way to spend some money to make my life a bit better. The problem is, I'm a bit depressed right now and nothing I can think of buying sounds good. This is (hopefully) where all of you wonderful people come in. What are good things I could buy?


A bit about me to help:

Unsurprisingly, I'm a huge nerd. I love videogames, literature, Magic: The Gathering, RPGs, and pretty much anything nerdy that's not Dr. Who.* I love cooking, good food, and sitting quietly and reading. I like board games, coffee, and cigarettes. I'm not physically fit, but I enjoy taking walks (generally while listening to Night Vale or News from Lake Wobegon).


* My sincere apologies to all the Whos down in Who-ville. It's not you, it's me. For a bunch of reasons (most of them drama/terrible crap in my past), I just can't. I do enjoy your gifs though.

Here are some things I already crossed off:

  • Booze/booze-related items - duh.
  • Computer hardware - my rig is as leet as I need it to be.
  • New TV - the one I have is great, and there's no room in the apartment for a second one.
  • Big furniture - apartment is tiny.
  • Cooking appliances - already have the ones I need.
  • Gym membership - I'm not well enough (side effects/brain) right now to dedicate myself to something like that. It's a titanic struggle to drag myself to a fricking starbucks every evening to sit and read, which I'm ordered to do by my therapist to get me out of my apartment.
  • Trips - This one makes me sad, but I know that even if I went somewhere awesome it would just be a different place where I felt like crap. I'm hoping that in six months or so that will change, but right now it's off the table.

Second, what would you buy if you had to spend a grand frivolously?

Help me, Groupthink. Help me fritter away money. Help me be an American.

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