What I am doing: lying in bed and imma WATCH VALLEY OF THE DOLLS ON NETFLIX! while pretending to smoke cigarettes, drink whiskey and lounge about in my 1964 white battle bra and half slip. As I recover from my sleeve gastrectomy (I'm doing well).

You know, I was about 11 (?) when I read VoD, and while the oral sex scenes went completely over my head, but there is an entire huge plot on the book about Neely's weight, which they pretty much totally left out of the movie. In one sequence of the book, they put Neely into a medically induced coma for about six weeks and starved her so that she'd be movie-ready; drying her out from alcoholism and 'dolls' was just ancillary to that. And I was 11 years old, and SO JEALOUS. I wanted that coma. Is that what I have given myself now? Not that I have any regrets, but - can't help wondering.

This movie gives me many feels, ridiculously. Sharon Tate. This song.