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Container gardening

Now that the long winter is over, it’s time to plant some plants! I have a balcony that gets southern sun and I am ready to actually grow some shit. Historically, I’ve had a bit of a black thumb, so I was hoping that some of our able gardeners would be able to help me out. I successfully grew a couple of tomato plants in containers a few years ago, but I don’t really remember much about it.

I have five 15 gallon planters, an unseemly amount of potting soil, and a bunch of seedlings. Can I put more than one plant in the same container? Like, I got a sweet pepper plant and a hot pepper plant, can they go together? I was going to put basil in with my tomatoes (two tomato plants), too. I also have eggplant. I think I have room for more, but I don’t want to overcrowd them.

Any tips? Warnings? TIA!

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