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Contemplating Life Without A Car

My parents have informed me that they will be signing the car that I drive over to me at the beginning of next year... and I'm thinking about just selling it and doing without the extra expense any more these days. Can I really live life without a car?

I currently drive to work, but I have a coworker that uses car2go with a lot of success to get to/from work from about the same neighborhood as me. This would come out to about $6-8ish dollars a day that I work? I'm trying to do math and see if it even makes sense. I'll be rid of gas, insurance, and parking costs, and only have to pay for what I drive.


What do you guys think? Do you do life in the city without a car?

ETA: I live in Seattle, know the bus route to work though I would probably never use it because I could walk to work in the time it would take me to bus, and live across the street from 2 grocery stores and a drug store.

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