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Content Warnings: a question (TW: fictional SA)

So, my first book is out soon. It’s a fantasy novel. It’s violent. There’s graphic description of people being killed by various methods.

There is also a sexual assault.

It’s rape by magical coercion. It’s not very graphic (some discussion of naked bodies on both sides, with suggestive language) and the ACT itself is not described. Just before and the aftermath. The woman is treated well by her allies after (not blamed).


Several people have read it and advised me it’s a) not exploitive and b) really really icky to read in the sense that the language is beautiful and poetic and CLEARLY this is an assault.

But can any one think of a way to describe this without sounding as though it’s all rape all the time in the book? That’s what ‘Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault’ means to me.

It’s one act. It has multiple important purposes for character and plot. I spent MONTHS trying to pull it out of the story and everything fell apart. Maybe a better writer could have managed it, I don’t know.

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