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Continued adventures in OkCupid

Earlier this week, I got OkCupid on a whim, and I've had progress since so I thought I'd update you - because you all really care, obviously.

So far most of the messages I've received have actually been okay, there have been the ones that you can tell the person sends to everyone (a generic "hey how are you?"), but I've only had one creepy one where the guy outright said "hey cheeky x i like curvy girls how curvy/busty are you?", to which I simply replied "No." and blocked him. But I've been chatting with a couple of decent guys who clearly took the time to read my profile: one who I really like who studies Theology at Oxford and is hoping to be ordained in a couple of years and literally sent me a message saying "The Secret History!" as his introductory message (be still my beating heart!); one who seems to quite like me and has very hesitantly asked for my number this evening but reminds me a little of the guy I was seeing a few years ago who dumped me by text (ouch); and one who has been the most proactive in this whole thing, who I'm seeing on Thursday for drinks - and who is texting me at the moment!


So considering this was kind of done spur-of-the-moment, it's been pretty good so far and I'm feeling good! I'm excited about the date and although he suggested meeting, I've set the time and place so that I'll be somewhere I know and feel comfortable in - plus a couple of my friends work there so if I'm feeling uncomfortable I can always signal to them and they'll know :) Annd I know for a fact there's a Scrabble board there and we've been talking about Scrabble so we can always play that, which will be a great cover for any awkward silences. wow such type a very cover many planning wow (please say doge speak is still okay here).

The person I know irl who popped up on OKC replied to my invite for coffee with a polite decline, so I sent him a message saying that I understand and wish him well in his search. No hard feelings (which was possibly helped by the fact that I'd already been asked for coffee by EB1 (Eligible Bachelor 1).

So far, so good, no creepsters! Long may this continue.

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