So I've been watching a lot of the West Wing, some would say binge watching. They would be right. Anyway it is annoying how many easy to spot mistakes it makes. here are two I noticed yesterday:

  1. Will says he was the valedictorian of Eton College. He could not have been as Eton is an English school and the English education system does not have valedictorians as we do not have graduations.
  2. President Bartlet mentions the President of Zaire. Zaire ceased to exist in 1997, before the show began airing and some 5 years before season 4 of the West Wing, the country is now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo. Zaire was listed as a country near Kundu (the made up African country that had genocide), Ghana was also in the list.

Any way, I find it bothersome, first we had Zoey being 19 in season 1 then retconed to having been 17 to fit the narrative of her admission papers to college having to be signed by a parent. Then later we will have Annie being mentioned as being 12 in season 1 then she is mentioned as starting high school in season 6, when she should have been 19. I hate noticeable continuity issues.