This is the place where we prepare ourselves to be vehemently disagreed with while hoping we're not alone.

My controversial opinion of the day, inspired by 1 billion FB posts on my feed today: I don't think the parents of "Prayers for Shane" fame are brave or courageous.

[tl;dr version: young parents find out early on that fetus has anencephaly and is expected to die shortly after birth, choose to carry the pregnancy because of their religion, and start a FB page detailing the activities they do on their bucket list for the baby]. (FB Page TW- the page contains photos of Shane, possibly taken after he had passed away.)

I think they were selfish, or at the very minimum, self-deluded. I've seen so many posts about "Praise God, you chose life!" No, they didn't, they chose a long, drawn out death. I think if the whole thing had been framed as "we are not yet ready to let go, so we are doing this to help ourselves through this trauma," then I would get it. As it is, pretending that a child who died 4 hours after birth is somehow better off because his parents went to baseball games or NYC while he was in utero is ridiculous.


I think I'm more angry at all the publicity and reaction to the story than at the parents themselves.

Phew, I feel better.

Anybody else got something itching to be said and validated by the like-minded?