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So, I don’t mind Halloween. I like giving out candy. I like seeing kids in costumes. I like watching my own kids go through their haul. I like Halloween candy.

But I don’t love Halloween, and I feel like that’s become... controversial? For many of the adults in my life, Halloween is a month-long celebration, complete with crazy lawn decorations, elaborate home-made costumes (for both them and their kids, if they have any), crafts, Facebook memes posted ten times a day, and over-the-top parties. It is literally called “Halloween Month” in these circles.


And hey, you do you, but I get some serious side-eye when I say that I’m not dressing up to hand out candy or decorating my house or putting together a Halloween party at work. I’ve actually gotten glares from neighbors because we haven’t put out pumpkins or lights or fake spiderwebs.

I’ve also gotten remarks from people for not sewing my daughter a costume, even though I can sew clothes. If I’m going to put that amount of money and time into something, you can be damn sure she’s wearing it more than once, and for more than a few hours, in the dark.

(Aside: I hate being “that old person,” but I swear it didn’t use to be this crazy.)

So, anyway, am I alone in this? What’s your controversial opinion?

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