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Controversial Post: A documentary on raw foodists bummed me out

First off, a disclaimer: Eat whatever you want and feels good for your body. Eat what makes you happy, I really don’t care. All of us are totally different people with totally different dietary needs and that is fine!

Ok, on to my post.

So, one of my guiltiest pleasures is watching BBC documentaries about food on youtube. I suppose I’ve been watching more and more of these lately because I’m having a hard time with my appetite due to medication and I will watch anything food related when I’m mentally hungry but not physically hungry. And seriously, the BBC makes a shit ton of documentaries on food and fitness. They’re all on youtube and highly amusing, if not incredibly risky and sometimes dangerous.


Anyway, I just finished watching one on raw foodists called Health Food Junkies, and one of them was a mom with two small children. She also has the kids on her raw food diet, and they are homeschooled. When asked about what the kids would do if they went to a friend’s house and offered a cheese sandwich, she said they would have no idea what it even was. When asked how she would react if one day her kid came home and said they wanted some cooked food, her mind went into overdrive and she said that would be like her child coming home and announcing that they’d like to take up heroin. HEROIN.

They interviewed one of the kids for a bit and he just seemed really lonely. He has a hard time making friends, and he describes his friends as his “food friends” and said the closest food friend he has is a vegetarian. I just feel for this kid, because he looked so sad. And when going out, he asked his mom for an apple and she refused him because it was too much sugar.


I don’t have kids, so I obviously have no ground to stand on here. But I’ve had friends that were raised with their parents’ food issues affecting their diet, and it took years for them to get out of that cycle of disordered eating. It just really made me sad to see this kid isolated because of his mom’s chosen eating habits.

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