Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

ETA: Come have pun in the comments! We need vegetable puns for the songs for the fake album for my fake all-girl alt band, Sex Cabbages.

Him: I thinned out the cabbages like you wanted. Some of them were big enough I found children hidden beneath some of the leaves.

Me: (teasing) You do realize that babies don't really come from cabbage patches don't you? If nothing else, the fact that you've actually delivered babies should have taught you that.

Him: It's not my fault you bought sex cabbages!

Me: If I start an all girls alt band, I'm going to call them the Sex Cabbages!

Him: I guess I could be your roadie or something. But, I'm not wearing a t-shirt with Sex Cabbages on it.

Me: What about sweatpants with Sex Cabbages across the butt? Or a hat with our logo on it. It could be a head of cabbage with XXX across the front of it!

Him: It scares me how quickly you came up with that...

Today I sent him this picture and told him it is going to be the cover art on our first album.

Illustration for article titled Conversation between me and ManBerry, and my new band name

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