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Conversation between me and ManBerry, and my new band name

ETA: Come have pun in the comments! We need vegetable puns for the songs for the fake album for my fake all-girl alt band, Sex Cabbages.

Him: I thinned out the cabbages like you wanted. Some of them were big enough I found children hidden beneath some of the leaves.

Me: (teasing) You do realize that babies don't really come from cabbage patches don't you? If nothing else, the fact that you've actually delivered babies should have taught you that.

Him: It's not my fault you bought sex cabbages!

Me: If I start an all girls alt band, I'm going to call them the Sex Cabbages!

Him: I guess I could be your roadie or something. But, I'm not wearing a t-shirt with Sex Cabbages on it.

Me: What about sweatpants with Sex Cabbages across the butt? Or a hat with our logo on it. It could be a head of cabbage with XXX across the front of it!

Him: It scares me how quickly you came up with that...

Today I sent him this picture and told him it is going to be the cover art on our first album.


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