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Conversation with an introvert

OG: How was the birthday party?

I: It actually was really nice. People were fun and the food was great! (describes food in great detail).

OG: It must have been a small party.

I: Noooo. There were a lot of people there.

OG: Really, that's pretty elaborate for a lot of people. How many?

I: I don't know

OG: Like, about 40?

I: NOT THAT MANY. Maybe 12.



For the record, I looked at the pictures and there were maybe about 10 people there. To me, that's a dinner or "dinner party" if we want to get specific. The last bday party I went to had 50 people. Milestone birthdays (which was what we were discussing) in my family tend to have 50+ people. I am quite attracted to introverts because I need a lot of alone/quite time, but sometimes it makes me laugh.

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