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Welcome To The Bitchery

Conversation with my 8-year-old

Me: your brother says you're an alien

Kilobyte: I'm not!

Me: how can I be sure?

Kilobyte: my blood isn't green

Me: that's true; I've seen your blood and it's red. Do all aliens have green blood? Or do they have all different colors?


Kilobyte: all different colors. And it floats. My blood just drips.

Me: alien blood floats?

Kilobyte: yes. And they're gooey like jello. *scratching him ear* and they don't itch. And I can't pull my skin off.


Me: aliens can pull their skin off?

Kilobyte: yes! Because it's a disguise!

Me: over their own skin?

Kilobyte: uh-huh. Which is all gooey and their blood floats around in it. And it's all different colors. In my imagination. *after some thought* but I think it's against their nature to disguise themselves as a human. They would rather use their technology to gather information


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