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Conversations about tattoos

I've been thinking for the last 2 years about getting one. I can't decide where, because I want to be able to see it, but also have it so no one else (except for intimate partners) can see it. Which of course makes it pretty hard to decide. I also want it in an area that won't change too much or stretch. (Wrist, back of the shoulder, etc)

I got into a conversations about tattoos and I'm always the heavy handed answer

Guy : 'I want to get a tattoo of this videogame icon so I can always remember to resist societal normals. Why do you want one?"


Me: "My body hasn't felt like it belongs to me in years. I feel like if I mark it, then maybe I'll have ownership of it again." (There's actually more to the story, but it gets into the meaning of what I'd choose, it's from a horror videogame.)

Guy : 'umm whoa, that's heavy."

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