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Conversations at Work

Out in the field this week (oilfield), we've covered a colorful array of topics. Most of the time I don't mind answering questions, since I'm usually the sole female opinion.

Today the topic strayed into gender roles in the household. I approached, "Hey, do you do your boyfriend's laundry?" answering with all the grace and dignity of my esteemed 25 years...


"Hell no, I do not do his laundry. He is a grown ass man. If it's an emergency, or I'm doing some already, sure. But on an everyday basis? Absolutely not."

Some were shocked, shocked, by this revelation. Others had my back. Responses I heard included, "Well I bought the washing machine! I've done my part! [Also 25]", and "There are some things I'd just never do."

Sigh. We're changing the world. But not fast enough.

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