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Welcome To The Bitchery

Conversations in Grade 1

The kids are working on writing a procedure about how to make a sandwich. We are making a list of ingredients they might use. I write the word "bread" on the chart.

Girl: I don't hear an "a" in bread. You spelled it wrong!

Me: You're right, you can't hear the "a" but it is there. It is one of those crazy English words that break the rules.


Boy: If you take the word "bread" and replace the "a" with an "e" you get "breed".

Girl: That's not a word!

Boy: I think means something about making babies.

Girl (looking at me): Is he right?

Me: Yes...

Girl: How are babies made?

Me: That's something you should probably talk to Mom about.

Girl: I did. She won't tell me.

Me: Um, I think you'll have to wait until you are older then...

You just never know which way the conversation will go.

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