I called my mother today to let her know that I was alive and work out moving to NOLA logistics with which she is helping me with. Then she started oh so sweetly inquiring about whether the Baron Von Awesome would be transferring to a NOLA school to be with me( He will try, the papers get sent out in May/June- so not for a long while). My Mother and I have had some serious issues in the past regarding my partner Baron Von Awesome, whom I have been in a relationship with for ten years.

When we first started dating my Mother despised him. Like. Hate. Genuine. Hate.

Things my Mother has done to hurt our relationship:

1) The first summer she picked me up from college she spent 5 hours non-stop screaming in the car about how disgusting and fat he was, and how I needed a better partner until I cried.

2) Spent the first four years of our relationship telling me how I was a failure for not seriously dating other people.

3) Threatened to disown me and stop paying for my school if we got engaged.

4) Threatened to disown me and stop paying for school if we moved in together.

My parents are not religious.

Now. My mom brought up that she would not object if we moved in together after I started working. I told her that if she had a problem with us living together after I had my own salary, I would tell her to go shove it.


She did not like this. I don't care. 'throws shade'