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Convince me to buy this!

So I’m in the market for a new daily backpack. Help me decide if this will be the one! (because crowdsourcing decisions is what we do)


  • That print has me dying I love it so much
  • It has an inner laptop pocket, an outer zipper pocket and a main pocket. My current bag has 1 big pocket and I have a tiny coin purse wallet. This means lots of searching for the thing I’m looking for. Every. Single. Time.
  • It has 1 strap instead of my current 2.
  • With press buttons instead of actual straps. This will save me approximately 7429 minutes a day of strapping and unstrapping.
  • The colour neutrality means it can be worn with any coat, including the one I’ve been oogling.
  • It’s the price I was looking to spend!
  • It’s not too big


  • It’s slightly smaller than my current backpack. Which means I won’t be able to drag around as much stuff (is that a con though?..). I could bring a canvas tote with me always?
  • I’m ordering it from Sweden and if I decide it’s too small anyway returning it would cost me approx €15,- bucks. Which sucks.
  • It is once again canvas so on rainy days I’ll probably have to wrap my laptop in a plastic bag of some sort (which many people I know do..) like I do now.
  • It doesn’t have that many more pockets than my current bag. So unending searching may still be an issue. Although it is smaller..
  • I’ll have to wait two weeks before I can have it! Oh noes!
  • ...?... can you think of anything??

Do I buy it?? YES OR NO?


PS: Summer jacket I’ve been oogling and will be ordering tonight. (I have


PPS: Fall jacket I’ve been oogling for a few weeks.. (despite the M being slightly too small and the L being slightly too large which makes it a bit looser around the armpit area..)


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