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Convincing Someone That Their Idea is a Bad One Without Being a Jerk?

I have a kind a of a weird conundrum. I'll lay it all out, and hopefully you guys will have some advice for me. Ahem...

My boyfriend of almost six months is fantastic. He is a really, really great guy, and really good to me. I love him a lot, and I can definitely see a future with him.

He's just about to graduate from law school. Normally, graduates go on to do an articling/apprentice year at a firm right after graduation, and they typically stay with the firm for at least a few years after that. You normally apply for articling positions a year before you're set to begin them—so someone applying now would generally be doing so in preparation for their graduation next spring. Articling positions are also becoming harder and harder to come by, so not everyone ends up with one. Boyfriend doesn't yet have an articling position set up.


In order to get one that would begin this spring, he's considering applying at firms in the surrounding small industrial cities/towns around our city. None of these are more than half an hour away by car, so the commute would be really reasonable (I think). BUT! He's really set on the idea of being able to walk or take a really quick bus trip to wherever he works. So in his mind, it would be best to move out to the outlying area near wherever he ends up working. Beyond that, he thinks it would make the most financial sense to buy a place out there, and rent it out if/when he moves back into the city.

I think this is a really terrible idea! On one level, I think it would be really far from ideal for our relationship: I don't drive, so it would be extremely difficult for me to go out to his place without him picking me up; he would most likely end up staying with me whenever we wanted to spend the night together instead of us being able to split it more equally; we'd probably see each other even less than we do now (which isn't even that much to begin with); and if we ever decide to move in together (which I can definitely see happening at some point) there's no way I would want to/be able to move out there (I like living in the city, I bus or walk nearly everywhere, there wouldn't be any work for me out there, etc). On a bunch of other levels, discounting our relationship, I think it would be a really bad idea for him personally. He's quite introverted, so I would worry that he'd fall back on spending all of his time by himself; his family and friends are all in the city; if he wanted to go out at night, he'd have to drive back (also at night); and he's gone from saying two weeks ago that he'd never want to live in a suburb, even, to saying that he might want to move to a (crappy) industrial area outside of the city! Long story short, while it might make slightly more financial sense, it makes sense in almost no other way!

Am I being a controlling jerk for wanting him to consider our relationship when making future plans (especially since we haven't been together that long)? Is there a way to present my concerns without coming across as a controlling jerk/without him thinking that I want to move super fast and live together, etc. RIGHT NOW? Should I just let this be and cross the bridge when and if we come to it? Are my concerns valid? Help me, Jezzies!

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