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Cookbook recommendation: Fast Flavours

I recently picked up a copy of Fast Flavours by Chef Michael Smith. I've only made a couple of recipes from it, but so far I am really impressed.

I made a lovely pork tenderloin with thyme-scented brown sugar apples for my mother's birthday in like half an hour. Tonight's dinner was an awesome bacon boursin crusted steak.


What makes the book really neat, is that many of the recipes have more than one method of cooking them, based on how much time and what equipment you have. The idea being that longer you cook it, the better the flavour. The four options are: fast, slow, pressure cooker speedy, and slow cooker slow.

For example, the next recipe I want to try, Moroccan Chicken, takes 30 minutes in the fast version, 40 minutes in the slow version, 30 minutes in pressure cooker speedy, and all day in the slow cooker.


I really like Michael Smith. Good cookbooks, great personality on TV and I would kill for his kitchen:

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More pics of the kitchen, here: http://chefmichaelsmith.com/chef-michaels-…

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