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I asked 2 days ago for recipes and y'all did not disappoint. Soooooo many new things to try and I'm grateful :)

Turns out, many unexpected events came to my life in the last 2 days. And, since Vindictive Kinja happened, I am forced to be vague about it. For now, until I figure out how to navigate this loss of privacy, I'll just be Krabby without my claws. Essentially, the loss of our true & honest voices.

Anyway, the Lamb had to be cooked today. I went with a route I know: Italian Meatballs. The rub is that I made normal size for sauce and tiny ones for Italian Wedding Soup. I love soup.


Made & baked them and they are on deck. Sauce is done, but tomorrow I will fetch the soup ingredients. Your recipe share was amazing and exactly what I wanted. I urge y'all to have a look at the comments on this post and have Cookery Times !!!

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