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Cookie, cookie, gimme cookie

Heyyyyy beautiful and intelligent and wonderful GT'ers! WeePiglet's cookie sale is still underway!

If you're interested, all the info is in that link with ONE MAJOR ADDITION:

For added privacy, you can order via the interwebs! I have a link that is unique to WeePiglet and you can enter all your info and junk and it's all done by machine on new technology, and I don't have to do a DAMN THING. You order, cookies arrive, TA DA IT'S MAGIC.


If you're interested in ordering that way due to doxxing concerns or whatever else, please hit me up at mad.piglet.42 at gmail and I will give you the link. I don't want to post it here since it's got everyone's real names and junk.

Thank you all so very much!!

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