I am getting ready to do some cooking ahead for a busy party week (yeeeaahhh Mardi Gras). I always try to make sure there is a lot of food in the house, because it is really hard to get to the grocery store and sometimes even just find bar food (places can get really crowded). Also, because of the amount of drinking we end up doing over a prolonged period of time, I always try to make sure it's really hearty - not the time for light salads and shit. Typically I prepare rice and beans and then have burrito supplies around, BBQ pulled pork and have salad and sandwich stuff around, defrost of a bunch of tamales that I get from my grandma every year.

Not necessarily in NEED of advice, but I don't know if any of you have favorite recipes for feeding lots of people or eating during busy times or anything, I'd love some ideas.

If anyone needs tips on marathon partying, I, the queen of hangovers, can give you some excellent advice. :)