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Cooking Bragging!

I made stuff tonight! New stuff!

First, I made Mexican rice. I've never tried making anything aside from basic white or brown rice before, and this is wonderful. Not quite as fluffy and savory as a Mexican restaurant (which is expected, and I still don't know all what I'm doing and I pretty much cook without salt). I even added the peas! I made it to be the rice half of rice and beans. Which I will top with a fried egg and salsa verde. Mmm, fried egg.

So, I also cooked off some black beans. This was business as usual (soak 'em overnight, cook off with half a lime tossed in the pot along with a clove of garlic, bay leaves, coriander, and cumin).


I also made a salsa verde for my rice and beans. I'm lazy and puree all the tomatillos in the food processor instead of chopping and then letting everything render down. Here's where I did something CRAZY. I had extra peas from the rice, so I pureed them and added it to the sauce. Which not only thickened it without me having to render it down for ever, it also added a nice bit of sweetness from the peas.

Anyhoo, dinner was delicious! If you haven't ever had a sunnyside-up fried egg over rice and beans, I highly recommend it as the runny yolk makes it delish.

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