SO I'm just dumping my random questions into one thread - and people should feel free to post their own questions on these topics too.

Cooking: Last year I made the easy fudge recipe (can of condensed milk plus semisweet choc chips) and it was too sweet for me and the whole family. Do you think subbing in bittersweet choc chips would make it better or should I go for completely unsweetened chocolate?

Do you think 12 and 14 year old boys who are awesome (they are "Ruth Bader Ginsburg is my Spirit Animal" tshirt buyer/wearers) would like handmade glow in the dark snowglobes with their own bat signals inside?

How the fuck would I make the personalized bat signals reflect on the walls from inside said snowglobes? Have I theorized an impossible crafting challenge for myself?

PS This cat? Way more crafty than me so I may be completely out of my league here.