• Yukon Gold Potatoes
  • Frozen Turkey Breast
  • Packet of gravy that came with turkey breast (or powdered gravy mix, or that thing of gravy you've had in your freezer for 5 months)

1)Quarter potatoes and place on bottom of slow cooker

2)Put turkey breast on top of that

3) Mix gravy with some water and pour over everything, make sure there is enough to mostly cover the potatoes>


4) Cook on low 6-7 hours, high 3-4, or until potatoes are soft

5) Mash potatoes with garlic and butter. Because it cooked in the gravy, you shouldn't need a lot of seasonings.

6) Serve and enjoy! You can mix some cornstarch with the gravy in the slow cooker, or make more gravy, or just go gravy free, the potatoes probably don't need it.


I did the same last night with pork chops instead of turkey breast, a packet of pork gravy mix, chicken broth, and water. The pork chops turned out great, the dry heat kept them moist and ManBerry and I devoured the potatoes.