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I found an ingredient today and now I am in search of recipes or tips.

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While in an area we don’t go to often (it’s a very sleepy bayside suburb full of retirees) my husband and I found a fruit shop selling this- P.A.N. Precooked white corn meal. Yay! But I realised I don’t know how to cook with it.


I spent my tween and early teen years in northern NM,but my cultural food heritage is English, so that is the kind of food I had at home, but elsewhere it was chilli, chilies, cornbread, tortillas and other southwestern foods. We then moved to England and I haven’t had a decent version of some of those foods for over 20 years (Mexican in Australia is mostly not good. There are occasional social clubs that offer momentary access to good variants, but it isn’t easy).

I miss it- I taught myself to make enchiladas (well the sauce was the major part) in my early 20s because I couldn’t find a decent one here (still can’t 🙁 ). I can find recipes for cornbread on their site, and that was the initial impulse for buying it, but we won’t eat that much cornbread* so I need to find something else. If you have An amazing recipe, or tips on how not to wreck it, please tell me.

* I live in Australia, with my very Australian husband and stepson. Queensland is where the bad parts of British cuisine went to retire - there are definite limits to how much of a totally new food option they will consume, even if it is delicious cornbread

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