I cook a lot. Everything I know about cooking I've taught myself through following recipes and seeing how the process works and such. I'm no cooking wizard, but I'm always making stuff I've never made before and learning from that and such. Anyway, I was making cookies the other day and my roommate says she'll help, and I'm cool with that. I don't have to look at the recipe anymore because I've got the portions and process memorized. Anyway, she is not a good cook and I learned through this collaboration it's because she is so impatient. So impatient she won't even measure ingredients, active ingredients included. If I'm gonna add stuff in an improvised manner I'll add incrementally in small portions. She just took the baking powder and poured it in. Same with the cinnamon and vanilla. Needless to say, The cookies didn't turn out as good as normal. Way to much cinnamon and vanilla. I suppose if you have a lot of skill you can pull that method off, but she can't. Haha. I think cooking for her is a means to an end and cooking for me is a method/process I enjoy that yields enjoyable and palpable results. Not gonna make anymore cooperative cookies. I would really like to find someone to cook with though. Maybe I'll find a class or something.