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Welcome To The Bitchery

Cooking with the Hatracks

We were going out of town Saturday and knew we wouldn’t be back until late afternoon on Sunday. The forecast was grey and 30s all weekend and nobody was going to feel like cooking when we got home so I put a pot roast in the sous vide before we left. But to get the best flavor out of it I gave it a good sear on both sides first. What came next required a little warning for everyone else.

Me: I got the pot roast going for tomorrow. If you see the mason jar in the fridge with the half inch of brown water don’t throw it away. I deglazed the pan after I seared it and saved it for the gravy.


WinnieTheWoot (who also knows her way around a kitchen): Okay, that makes sense.

Me: As they say “Deglazing makes the sauce grow fonder.”

WinnieTheWoot: *side eyes* Don’t make me hurt you.

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