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You all are probably sick of me posting about work, but I pretty much live there, so that's my life.

We did a cool project, boudoir shooting- with no makeup. Come in literally how you wake up. If you wanted to cover up a few blemishes, or wear mascara, we allowed it (if you had to) but other than that, nothing.

We were nervous. Our clients normally get full hair and makeup for a shoot with us- it's included. this time, women volunteered to come in with nothing on your face?


We had a great response of all kinds of different women, which was awesome bc we were a bit afraid no one would respond, even though they got a free picture. When they saw their pictures, no one said anything negative- everyone said positive things- out of 21 women. That's epic. We don't retouch, no photoshopping. Some even bought the rest of the images.

I did find it interesting the women who thought they looked "different" (as in omg I look so different!) were all under 30- women over 30 knew their faces intimately with or without makeup. Age gets you things I guess? I don't know. Just interesting. Thoughts on this?

We also taped reactions to the shoot. There was one that stuck with me. The woman was about 40, had two kids, and said she did it because from 14(!) on her mother didn't let her leave the house without makeup. She wanted to set the opposite example for her daughter. Be comfortable in your skin. Makeup is a fun tool. Use it if you want, but it's not necessary.

I worked 14 hours, but it was totally worth it.

How many of you would be totally comfortable with this?

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