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Cool party themes and general recent fun

In between finishing coursework and reading for my comprehensive exams, I’m finding myself desperately craving this thing known as fun, which is easy to come by in small doses and visiting friends for parties becomes a very attractive procrastination option.

Last weekend I got a major dose when one of my friends had a birthday party for their partner, and the theme of the party was cooking (they love food, like, a lot). In the spirit of that, they set up a few rounds of friendly competition where pairs of partygoers would basically have the kitchen and some mystery ingredients like on Chopped. I volunteered to cook because cooking is fun.

It was fun. Got hot dogs, cool ranch Doritos, and canned beets as required ingredients, and so I made chili. I’d never made chili before. Wasn’t terrible either. I didn’t win, but it was close and my friend won with a breakfast walking taco, so how can you compete with that anyway?


I’d be boned if I were on real Chopped (I’d likely get baskets with ingredients I’ve never heard of), but this was pretty darn fun.

For the Prophet’s birthday we’re planning to have a Harry Potter themed party. Details are fuzzy still because that’s all the planning we’ve completed, but we’re going to do some cool stuff anyway (maybe butterbeer recipes).

So what fun have you been up to? What are cool party themes you’ve enjoyed?

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