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I just read an article discussing adults rereading Harry Potter. It talked about how they are using the stories to cope with rather than escape the political mess in the US.

That’s what I’ve been doing. As much as I’d like to just escape, it’s not realistic. I could leave the country but I’d have to leave behind too many people that I care about. So I stay.

Find your mechanism to conserve your strength and emotional health. Do this so that when the world needs you most, you will have the strength and energy to fight.


For me it actually is Harry Potter. I’m so cliché. It’s running away to an amusement park whenever I can afford to. It’s recreating bits and pieces of that world in my house. It’s crafting up a storm to keep my hands occupied.

Find the coping mechanism that keeps you strong for the long haul.

The photo is part of one of my latest craft projects.

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