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Copper IUD Without Having Giving Birth

Hey Groupthink! I was wondering if anyone here has (or had) a Copper IUD without ever having being pregnant?

I'm seriously considering getting one (and my gyno is happy to insert it), but I don't know anyone who has one, only one person I know has used Mirena (and hormones + Tractor_Gal = one big mess, so it isn't an option). Copper IUD don't seem to be a thing amongst my friends...most of my friends who don't use birth control pills use the "pull out" method...that's also just a big no.


Could anyone let me know how it's been for them? I know the insertion hurts, but I'm more wondering about heavier periods and spotting and general pain afterwards and any other side effects. Do you love it? Did you hate it and have it removed? Any info would be much appreciated!

ETA: GT you're all the best! Calling tomorrow to make an appointment at the sexual health clinic, since it seems that everyone only has positives things to say (even with the heavier/crampier periods). THANKS!!!

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