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Cops Lie, part 50 million

Hey, newsflash everybody, but cops lie about shit all the time. In fact, I might go so far as to say that they're actually less trustworthy than the average person. The basic standard is that they fuck up and do something that looks bad, so they have to make up a story that justifies whatever action they took. Like when some cop loses his mind and beats the living shit out of somebody for no reason, they have to turn it into a self defense case by charging the victim with assault.

Anyway, over in Texas, they were off confiscating women's tampons, which is stupid and makes them look terrible. As a justification, an official press release announces that they've already confiscated 18 jars of piss and shit from the dangerous protesters. 18? R U serious? I could have believed one or two, because there can always be one loony, but 18 was just gilding the lily. Ironically, of course, it is the official declarations that are full of shit. Mark Twain said that a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting its shoes on, so this particular load of crap's already been cemented as Truth for the Fox News brigade.


Of course, no one's going to be held accountable, except maybe a "summer intern" who just didn't know any better. Whoops! Here's my simple standard: If the police explanation makes you go Hmmm, C&C Music Factory style, even in a minor way, chances are it's a stupid, easily disprovable lie.

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