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Cops think water is beer, jump on woman's car

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I feel like every time I mention that police officers, by and large, make me uncomfortable, it brings at least one hardcore apologist out of the woodwork: "But police are people with dangerous, difficult jobs! They put their lives on the line for you! They have to make split-second decisions!"


Dude, I care not, because I swear in my whole life I have met maybe three decent cops, and the rest of them are more like the ones in this story:

A 20-year-old student who was jailed after alcohol control officers mistook a case of water for beer has launched a US $40 million lawsuit against the state of Virginia.


Umm, what?! I get a cop thinking something that isn't alcohol is alcohol — fancy packaging, it's confusing! — but WHY THE JAIL? Details...

Elizabeth Daly spent a night behind bars after Virginia alcohol agents jumped on her car, flashed a gun and tried to break her car window in the belief that she had illegally bought beer, according to a report in the New York Daily News.

According to reports, Daly and two other students were leaving the grocery store having bought cookie dough and canned water, when plain clothed state alcohol agents, who had been staking out the store to catch underage buyers of alcohol, followed them to their car mistaking the women's LaCroix sparkling water for a case of beer.

Daly, now 21, said she had been terrified when "strangers" surrounded her car and began pounding on the windows with one agent allegedly jumping on the hood of the car when Daly turned the engine on to allow her to roll down her window, while another allegedly pulled a gun.


Can you imagine how fucking terrifying that would be?! I have been carjacked and assaulted at gunpoint before, so I can tell you without a doubt that I would straight up panic, hit those guys with my car, and run over their heads. Why didn't they show badges and state they were police? Why would they act violently (pounding the hood and jumping on the car)? WHY OH WHY. Other news sources are saying the officers even tried to break her window.

To continue with the story —

The panicked student dialled 911 and pulled away but pulled over once it was confirmed by the dispatcher that the men were genuine state officers.

She was taken into custody and spent the night in jail charged with assaulting officers who she had grazed with her car, however the charges were later dropped.


Normally I'd be like, $40 MILLION?! But no, I get it. It's not just about collecting dividends against her future PTSD (thanks for making me panic with every speeding ticket, officer!). It's about making a point. The police need to know that their badges are not "get out of jail free" cards, they are responsible for their actions and their uniforms don't insulate them from consequences.


"The agents acted with actual malice, out of embarrassment and disgrace … and charged (Daly) with three felonies and did so out of anger and personal spite," the suit claims.

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