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Cops. you are not helping yourselves

Growing up I recall one of the first adult shows I watched withmy grandmother was Dragnet. Then in second grade I watched with her Untouchables circa 73 which were on reruns. Through my childhood I recall FBI Story another Webb shown. Later in eightjes I discovered Ed McBain's 87 Precint novels. I love cop shows Major Crimes is my new favorite btw new episode tonight. I hated the cop show with the guy from The Commish. One thing all these sbows and books had in common was common folk who yes could be jerks, lazy etc but had a firm belief in at the end of the day they had a firm commitment with justice tempered with fairness. They were to me modern knights. Sadly I feel like Tevye reality is conflicting big time. Ferguson, the 12 year old last week, the cops reaction to Ferguson etc. They are acting like town thugs. Now I read in a newspaper their appetite for exploiting the financial system in New England state where upto 2500 state workers it seems mostly cops retire after 20 years collect full pension but continue working 32 hours a week at the same job putting nothing back in. This drains the pension system rapidly. All this does is create backlash against police and state unions which help republicans. Oh St Louis cop union isn't helping with thejr childish bullying whining. I so feel like Tevye. Why can't reality live up to the ideals of tv and novels? Could cops at least live up to Jack Webbs ideals or McBains novels who was influenced by Webb? I assume most read that novel series.


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