He has a new song called "DUH". It's basically everything you would imagine a Corey Feldman video to be. Nonsensical. He is basically imitating Michael Jackson throughout the whole video. The I Love Lucy-esque portion of the video has a Smooth Criminal vibe to it.

I'm not sure I understand the whole "Done Under Halo" thing. Or if I'm supposed to understand it. Corey exists on a higher plane than me most of us. Also, the "rapping." I use quotes for obvious reasons. Jesus. This is the gift that I needed on Wednesday.

But if I'm keeping it real, "Honesty" is a much better Corey Feldman track. I also take issue with the title of the YouTube video of this performance. Corey Feldman does not "embarrass" himself. Corey Feldman doesn't even know what that word is. #DUH