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Welcome To The Bitchery

So, a friend and I went to see the livestream of Coriolanus when she was visiting me this weekend, and it was AMAZING. Coriolanus is actually one of my favorite Shakespeare plays (cause I'm a NERD) and I was a little bit trepidatious (is that a word? It is now) to see Tom Hiddleston do it, mostly because I think of Coriolanus as being older, but oh wow. It was amazing. His stage presence (even from a satellite feed) is incredible. And I think having a younger man do it really worked. I also thought they brought out the humor of his interactions with the people when he shows his scars really well. Also, Mark Gatiss's Menenius briefly turned into Mycroft in my mind...altogether very enjoyable. SUCH a great production. I don't understand how so many people were turned on by the shower scene, though— he just looks like he's in pain, because he IS, and, I dunno, that's not sexy to me. Tumblr confuses me sometimes...

We had to travel a bit out of town to see the show, and we went to a lovely cathedral in the town we were seeing the livestream in beforehand. Typical of us (me, the heathen atheist, and her, the liberal Jew), we managed to sneak in the back way of this cathedral, entirely unintentionally, in the middle of a sermon. OOPS. So then we awkwardly sat in the back and pretended we had come in on purpose.


We also went to see a production of Doctor Faustus, in a professional theatre, with student actors but a professional director. It was...not good. The acting was great, but the directorial choices were kind of shit. I wrote my thesis on Doctor Faustus, I was Faustus in Doctor Faustus, I've directed Doctor Faustus with a budget of $200 in a space not designed for performances, but I honestly think ours was better. It didn't feel like there were real stakes. Faustus's last monologue didn't freak me out (when I was playing the role and we first rehearsed that scene, I had a really long panic attack afterwards. Being raised Lutheran leaves its mark—that's another post for another day), or make me sad, I was just kind of unmoved. I don't really know how one makes that play BORING, but this production was boring, SO disappointing.

Sooooo everyone, other than the Groupdrink shenanigans which I sadly missed out on, how were y'all's weekends? Tell me stories! Tell me theatre stories!

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