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Welcome To The Bitchery

Corporate espionage is kind of my jam.

So there is SO MUCH DRAMAZ in my little office today you guys, and it's all muy personal and of an extremely sensitive (business-y) nature. AND I NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT.

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So. Here's the story, with names omitted and some details changed to protect the innocent (me). My spouse works in an industry that I work "adjacent to;" most of my clients are in his industry. The company he works for is one of my clients (not nepotism though, I promise).

Last week a potential client representative — let's call her Sarah — met with me and let lots of major information drop in a casual meeting, before we were even officially working together on a project and no confidentiality agreement had been signed. Sarah works for a consulting agency in my spouse's industry. This consulting agency actually also represents my spouse's company.


Sarah didn't/doesn't know who I'm married to, though. And it really shouldn't matter, except... the consulting agency Sarah works for, which represents my spouse's company, has now bought it's way into a company (majority holdings) in direct competition with my spouse's company on the sly. This was why she was meeting with me, to work on this new acquisition!

DUN! DUN! DUN! (God, I hope this is follow-able.)

Then, my spouse casually let me know this morning that Sarah's company is coming on Wednesday to do an in-depth inspection of some things to make some major distribution decisions. Decisions that could be used to set up key competition in certain markets.


Then, I had to say: "[Sarah's Consulting Company] should not be making these calls for you guys because they are going to be in direct competition with you as of now."

Shit, meet fan. Now my spouse is running around secretly meeting with people trying to get hard verification on everything because he can't mention me (because, obvious).

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