Or lessons in adulting and why a loyalty card is a good idea.

There's only two companies which I have a member status. Both are travel related.

One I have an exclusive diamond unicorn* membership because I use that service all the time. I use that service so much that I know the names of the people that work that day.

The other I am a regular newb. Maybe use the service 5 times a year. So guess which always gives me stuff?

Nope, not the diamond unicorn, they occasionally give me things.

The newb card. So do hotel chains treat all their members like royalty? I've received free internet for no reason.


Because I complained about a bad stay and I got a free room, free room service, free internet and then an upgrade towards my next stay.

I love good costumer service.

And this is why loyalty programs are great. They see you have stayed and they always try to keep you happy.


Any other pro-tips in adulting?

*It would be cool if they called it that, but it's something lame like prestige. Actually, some classist asshole I sat with once, bragged about how only special people get prestige memberships, and me looking like a peasant was like "Oh I have that too." He went back to reading his fox hunting magazine. I shit you not.