TW: Assault, Statutory Rape,

Hi, guys. Last week, I wrote about a disturbing event at San Diego Comic Con.

Now that a little time has gone by, and the investigation has had some time to sort out a few facts, I wanted to take a few minutes to give you guys an update because what people were saying (including me) and what investigators believe happened are different. And I want to emphasize again that this is one of those things where maybe no one will ever fully know what happened. Here's what I know after today's googling:

A seventeen-year-old woman (who, even though her name has been reported, I am still not going to give because it's not essential to the issues around the story and I get enraged each time I see it in print. She is still a minor, the Internet is a cruel place, and let's not potentially contribute lasting trauma to someone who's been through something hard.) traveled to San Diego Comic Con on Saturday (July 26). Her parents had given her permission to go and were in touch with her via text during the day. That evening though, the seventeen-year-old got into an argument with her friends and stormed off, away from the convention center.


A number of early reports had (correctly) stated that she'd gone off with an older man (the 29 year-old who was arrested the following morning), and an internet-aided missing persons search began. At 1:00 AM, she was found with severe injuries, not on the side of the road, but in the pool area of the Marriott Marquis. The San Diego Harbor Police do not believe that her injuries were the result of a physical assault (though the report mentions a physical altercation with the 29-year-old), but a fall from about six feet.


So, when the police arrested the 29 year-old man, it wasn't because of the young woman's injuries or even because he'd brought her to a party with a lot of liquor. It's because in an attempt to disprove they had had sexual contact on Saturday night, he showed the police the breakup texts from roughly a week prior— confirming they'd had an ongoing sexual relationship.

That's probably all the new information we'll get on this for a while, at least until the relevant court dates.