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Welcome To The Bitchery

You'd think the mainpage editors would do it more often (or, when they do, they'd acknowledge that they did it). It wouldn't be difficult to do, and it would probably engender a more pleasant relationship between the editors and the commentors.

I also tested it out. It is easy to do. Like really easy - this easy, in fact (most up to date correction here):

Correction: I originally posted this noting that the study and Bianco's piece on it referred to East and South Asian students as those most ignored when they refer to East and Southeast Asian students (South Asian students did face a significant response gap as well). This error has been corrected. Also, N.B., this article stops being about the study after I quote it because I want to speak to my experience teaching East Asian international students, which reveals an issue separate from that presented in the study but still under the umbrella of systemic bias against East and Southeast Asian students more broadly.


So easy. Not sure about the second part yet, though. On the plus side, the comments to that piece have been entertaining at points. Some people outraged because they don't understand jokes (seriously, someone didn't get that the first paragraph was a joke) and silly people thinking that since there are more women than men in universities now the study's findings are entirely bunk. Ah, the sweet, stupid benefits of being mainpaged.

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