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Cosplay Excitement

I have been wanting to cosplay as a female Captain Jack Harkness for a long time now. Most of the costume is easy, suspenders, boots, button down shirt, some kind of leather cuff modified to look like a time hopper thingy. But the key factor is his WWII military coat. They sell a replica on ThinkGeek, but A. it's 300 dollars, and B. its an exact replica, when I kind of want to do a really feminine version. Skirt instead of pants, hair in victory rolls, etc. But then I went on Modcloth today to find a dress for my Lucille Ball halloween costume, when I found it

(My face)


It's the perfect female captain Jack coat. I showed it to my coworker, and he immediately said "Is that for your Captain Jack cosplay". Look at this beautiful thing!

It even has epaulettes! And it's not much cheaper than the ThinkGeek replica, but it is waaaaaay cuter, and since I need a winter coat that I'll actually wear anyway, it's not like I'm spending 200 dollars just for a costume. So yes, exciting news. And, just because it makes me happy:

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